Finding a decent home is always a remarkable process. According to property market researchers, prices on real estate in Paphos are getting higher every year. They depend on the area, amenities it offers as well as its popularity and advantages.

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Paphos’s property market

Currently, high prices on real estate make people move further from the city centre. However, you can find some budget-friendly options without going miles away from the city centre, even in Zone 1. Moreover, you are likely to save some money if you buy or rent a home one or two tube stations closer to the centre rather than at the end of the line. Generally, buying a house within a 5-10 minutes’ walk to the station may prove costly. As for the houses located within a 15 minutes’ walking distance to the station, prices on such properties reduce rapidly. There is a difference even in turning left or right from a tube station. Brixton, the southern terminus of the Victoria line, is 15% more expensive than neighbouring Camberwell with no tube stations nearby. As you can see, changes related to the tube system influence Paphos’s property market greatly. Therefore, you should consider this information and choose the right area for your search. Even if you are unable to find your dream home in close proximity to a tube station at a decent price, do not give up. Just keep an eye on properties in the chosen location or consider several other closest tube stations that would be convenient for you.

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