It is always difficult to make decisions when choosing a new place to live. In this situation, many people compare the pros and cons in advance and, therefore, know what things they should avoid. However, if you see an acceptable price or other privileges like a garden or a yard, you may totally forget about your criteria of evaluation. We cannot deny that living on the first floor is not bad, however there are things which it is better to reconsider before renting a first-floor flat.

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Some shared facts

Now, let us share with you these facts that will help you to make the right decision. Firstly, to reach a decent level of privacy, you will probably look for curtains for your windows. The lack of privacy is a usual situation when you live on the first floor and face the street or road.

Secondly, think of living closer to the road. In other words, you will constantly hear sounds and feel city smells. In addition, sometimes a first-floor property becomes a hub of mosquitos, dust and dirt. This is unlikely to happen if you live several floors higher.

Finally, another key point is that first-floor flats are less secure than flats on the higher floors. These residences are easier for burglars to break in since the windows are on the street level. Thus, it is better to think about a high standard security system to ensure that you are safe regardless of whether you are at home or not.

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